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Ordering conditions and payment possibilities:


During the order of any vehicle the advance payment is 20% from its rough or fixed (for the NEW car) cost, but not less then 2000 Euros. Payment should be made to the account of Auto Kollekt International.

Full payment of the vehicle is executed before final registration of export documents and its transportation out of Europe.

The current account of our company Auto Kollekt:

                                             ABN-AMRO bank

account in Euro currency:      44 30 51 607

account in  US $:                       41 65 60 296

The address of bank:         Kon. Wilhelminaplein (WTC)

                                                        Postbus 9028

                                                          1006 AA Amsterdam Netherlands

The addressee:                Auto Kollekt International, N.V.Lipen

IBAN:                NL67ABNA0443051607

BIC:                   ABNANL2A